Are you going to work with CSR and sustainable business development?

Through your strategic work with CSR, you take social responsibility and future-proof your company by meeting the increasing demands for responsible business practices from the outside world.


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), also known as social responsibility, is about companies demonstrating responsibility towards society by minimizing negative impacts and creating positive value for people, the environment, and the economy.

We help businesses develop and anchor CSR strategies through analysis, strategy development, and implementation.

Our Approach

At Imprint Consulting, we emphasize that our advice is practical. We start from your everyday reality, link the CSR work to your company's core narrative, and begin the CSR work where you are - whether you are taking the first tentative steps or building on initiatives you have already started. We believe that concrete case examples with best practices from comparable companies create understanding. We focus on reducing complexity, and have therefore developed tools and templates that make working with CSR tangible.

We help you develop a strong, business-oriented CSR strategy. Together, we start with your business, core narrative, and gain a deep understanding of the company's context.

In the process, we work with:


Together, we identify your focus areas.
Where can you create real change, and what do the different areas of effort require?


We create a plan based on the analyses and set goals for your strategy now and in the future.


We make the objectives and strategy concrete.
We break down tasks so you can address them immediately.
Together, we ensure that your dreams and visions for the company are implemented.

We ensure that you get off to a good start with the work and secure a systematic approach to CSR that strengthens the overall business.

We help with:

  • Setting the direction for your overall CSR vision and initiatives together with you and your employees.

  • Engaging the entire company and other relevant partners so that the project resides with everyone and becomes part of everyone's future work.

  • Equipping you to take the lead independently and create internal ambassadors for the project.

  • Developing analyses, roadmaps, strategies, and action plans. We will be your sparring and knowledge partner throughout the process.

  • If needed, we also gladly contribute to the development of documentation.

    Drawing on relevant partners who can handle specific parts of the task.

We believe that through our conversations, we elevate the knowledge level that enables sustainable development.

Reach out to Silke Sønderstrup-Granquist, let's start the dialogue, and get a non-binding offer based on your needs.


The regions continuously offer pools of financial support for your green transition. Imprint Consulting can help identify your needs and sharpen the application.


Senior Sustainability Advisor

Tlf.: +45 2763 9908

Mail: silke@imprint.dk


CSR and ESG - what's the difference?

There's an increasing tendency to use the terms CSR and ESG interchangeably, although ESG is more related to sustainability reporting of non-financial data targeted at investors.

The difference lies in the fact that ESG is aimed at one stakeholder group, namely investors. CSR, on the other hand, is more about meeting a broader range of stakeholders, such as customers, employees, partners, and authorities.

The purpose of strategically working with CSR is for the company to take social responsibility and actively engage in initiatives that give back to society. Meanwhile, with the introduction of the EU directive CSRD, ESG is subject to regulatory requirements designed to provide investors with a clear insight into how the company performs within specific sustainability areas.

At Imprint, we help create synergy between CSR and ESG, as these two approaches to strategic sustainability work can complement each other. We assist you in combining the two approaches so that the company can demonstrate its social responsibility through CSR and ensure that investors and other stakeholders can access the necessary non-financial data through ESG.

If you wish to work on sustainability reporting and double materiality analysis, we're here to assist you.

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