The Pilot Project for the Future of Textile requirements - OECD

In the fall of 2021, Silke Sønderstrup-Granquist from Imprint Consulting and Signe Mørk Sørensen from Impact CSR were responsible for leading and developing the pilot project "Future Textile Requirements - OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)" under the Lifestyle & Design Cluster.

The project aimed to make due diligence easy to implement for Danish textile and fashion companies.

The initial focus was to break down the barrier that many companies face in understanding the OECD guidelines and the concepts used.

The project started by translating what due diligence means in practice - both at the management level and in daily work.

As part of the pilot project, an upskilling program was held for SMEs, and new methods and tools were developed to make due diligence more accessible and integrated into practice.

And it was precisely this practical approach that excited the participants:

"The program has taught us that it's actually possible to work with the guidelines because they have been broken down into individual steps. Really good!"

Lena Trend,
Coze Aarhus A/S

"Previous courses in due diligence have made it very complex.

Now I finally understand what due diligence is
and how it creates value."

Allan Sarup, Soulland

Based on the positive reception and feedback from the participants, the tools have been further developed and published along with the accompanying 'Guide to Responsible Business Conduct' in collaboration with the Lifestyle & Design Cluster.

The guide and the two associated tools, Gap Analysis and Risk Analysis, can be accessed here:




The tools were originally not intended for use without support from an advisor familiar with the OECD guidelines, but by making the materials freely available, we hope to motivate even more companies to start with due diligence.

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